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Mathematics and Statistics

Math Mania

Math Mania is happening in Winter 2023! 
Please send any enquiries to

What is Math Mania?

Math Mania is an evening of mathematical demonstrations, puzzles, and hands-on activities for elementary or middle school children. It’s been designed by members of the University of the Fraser Valley’s Department of Mathematics & Statistics to show children – and their parents – how much fun you can have playing with mathematical concepts.

Math Mania is held in a school gymnasium and lasts about ninety minutes. About 20 volunteers (students and faculty) from UFV run tables with a wide variety of activities. We have games and puzzles to intrigue people of all ages.  Our volunteers enjoy it so much that they keep coming back for more!

Images from previous Math Mania events


UFV student volunteer Spencer demonstrates a math-magic trick.

Some favorite activities:

  • The amazing Sorting Tarp
  • Startling examples of mathematical “magic” (which we’ll explain if you ask)
  • Cool puzzles designed by some of our own students: how do you behead a dragon that keeps growing new heads?
  • Colorful games of logic, which children often learn more quickly than their parents
  • Make-your-own polyhedra from drinking straws
  • Three-dimensional tic-tac-toe
  • Many geometric puzzles to take apart and put together ‌

Request your own Math Mania!

Parents and children: If you’d like to see Math Mania in your school, ask your teacher to get in touch with us!

Teachers and principals: If you are interested in bringing Math Mania to your school, please contact We can come to your school, if it’s in Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Agassiz, or Hope.

We generally offer Math Mania in the early evening of a school day.


UFV student volunteer Katie encourages a participant to reason her way out of a traffic jam.

Math Mania is supported by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.