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Ghizlane Laghzaoui

Ghizlane Laghzaoui

Department Head & Associate Professor, French

Modern Languages

Abbotsford campus, D3037

Phone: 604.504.7441, local 5104

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Ghizlane is born and raised in Morocco and immigrated in Canada in 2000 with her husband and two children. She taught at SFU until 2011 and joined UFV in the same year. She teaches French language and literature at the second, third and fourth year level in the French programs.

Her research addresses issues of social and professional integration of francophone immigrants teachers and families in the schooling system of BC as well as francophone youth and governance in minority settings. Her focus is on language identity construction and belonging in the context of immigration.

She is also an active member of the community either as a member of the Abbotsford Local Immigration partnership or as a board member of the Francophone Federation of BC (FFCB) where she was co-chairing an advisory committee on strategic governance and immigration and evaluating funding applications to PCH (Patrimoine Canadien- Heritage Canada). She has been the president and co-founder of the Francophone Association of University Faculty Members of BC (AUFFCB).

Ghizlane also volunteers on a regular basis, particularly with Mentoraction, a program devoted to mentoring young immigrant women and to facilitate their social and professional integration.


EdD in Educational Leadership and Diversity, Simon Fraser University

PhD in African Francophone Literature,Charles de Gaulle University, Lille III, France

Diplôme d'Études Appliquées (DEA) in African Francophone Literature,  Charles de Gaulle University, Lille III, France

Bachelor degree in French Comparative Literature (Science Fiction and Fantasy), Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco

Teaching Interests

Language, Literature and Culture

Professional workshops in communication, social integration and education.

Research Interests

Educational leadership and diversity

Identity construction and belonging


Youth leadership and engagement


Laghzaoui, G. & Sabatier, C. (April 2017). Once upon a time… integrating youth literature in a language course L2 or L3. International Conference on Foreign Languages, Communication and Culture, University of Holguin, Holguin, Cuba.

Laghzaoui, G. (in April 2017).Transfert des compétences à l’écrit : étude des représentations sur le processus d’écriture dans une classe d’écrit avancé. International Conference on Foreign Languages, Communication and Culture, University of Holguin, Holguin, Cuba.

Laghzaoui, G. (October 2016). Panel of official languages experts: Horizontal Evaluation of the Roadmap for Canada’s Official Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities. Canadian Heritage, Ottawa.

Laghzaoui, G., Marien, R., & Sabatier, C. (October 2016) L’engagement des chercheurs et des communautés pour repenser les espaces identitaires. Un exemple de partenariat engagé Communauté-Chercheurs en CB. Langues, identités et appartenances: repenser les espaces et les frontières pour un engagement social renouvelé dans une francophonie canadienne en mouvement, CEFCO, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

Laghzaoui, G. (July 2016). Language, Discourse and Identity Construction among Francophone Immigrant Teachers in British Columbia: Between the Obvious and the Oblivious. Twenty Third International Conference on Learning and the Learner Knowledge Community, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Laghzaoui, G., & Sabatier, C. (May 2015). Chercheurs et communautés : poser les tensions pour mieux réfléchir les partenariats. La francophonie canadienne au carrefour des communautés,ACFAS, ACUFC-RFF, Rimouski.

Laghzaoui, G. (May 2014). Discussions en ligne et apprentissage par problème (PBL): le cas d’un cours de français écrit pour des étudiants universitaires issus de l’immersion française. 2e colloque international sur les TIC en éducation : bilans, enjeux actuels et perspectives futures, Montréal

Laghzaoui, G. (June 2013). Diversité et inclusion dans le corps enseignant francophone en milieu minoritaire : le silence comme pratique interactionnelle. A la fine pointe de l’éducation francophone en milieu minoritaire. REEFMM- Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Victoria.


Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal for best doctoral thesis and

outstanding achievements in The Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University      

Press release:                                                  

Faculty of Education Graduate fellowship, merit based award of 6000$

Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University


Laghzaoui, G. (2016). L’école francophone et les enseignants immigrants en Colombie-Britannique : un idéal communautaire entre résistance et alliance. Culture Française d’Amérique. CEFAN-Presses Universitaires de Laval.

Laghzaoui, G. (2014). L’école francophone en milieu minoritaire : regards et discours des enseignants immigrants francophones pour une meilleure compréhension du lien famille-école. : Les nouveaux c@hiers de la recherche en éducation, 17(2), 96-124. 

Marshall, S., & Laghzaoui, G. (2012). Langues, identités et francophonie chez des étudiants universitaires issus de l’immersion française à Vancouver, au Canada. Le Français dans le Monde, 2012(5).pp. 76-90.

Laghzaoui, G. (2007). Identités Immigrantes et francophonie en Colombie-Britannique : entre inversion et subversion. Transmission/appropriation des langues et constructions des identités plurilingues. PLURIFLES.

Laghzaoui, G. (2005).L’initiation : le corps dans tous ses états. Études Françaises, Le corps dans les littératures francophones, 41(2), 25-41.

Laghzaoui, G. (2005). L’enjeu identitaire dans  Ikwé , la femme algonquienne. In Justin K. Bisanswa et Michel Têtu (Eds.), Francophonie en Amérique. Québec: Cidef-AFI.

Media Interviews

CBC-Radio Canada, Alberta (2017). French education and hiring practices of immigrant teachers. URL:

CBC- Radio-Canada (2017). Hiring practices and shortage of French teachers in BC French programs, Colombie-Britannique. URL:

CBC- Radio-Canada(2014). Sensible la question du recrutement des enseignants, ICI Radio-Canada, Colombie-Britannique. URL:

 CBC- Radio-Canada (2014.), « Des allégations de discrimination au CSF surprennent son directeur », reportage réalisé par Saida Ouchaou. URL:


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