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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Course Challenge Process

The course challenge process involves evaluating your learning through an examination or other final evaluation process to obtain credit for a specific course

Course challenges are suited to a student who has done significant self-study or learning that closely matches the learning outcomes of a particular course. Challenges must be pursued directly through the department or school that offers the subject. You may wish to discuss course challenges with the course instructor initially.

If the request is approved, the department head or director will request a course challenge section to be opened for you. You will register, pay 75% of the tuition fee, and arrange with the instructor to take the exam (or other assessment) within the semester.

Courses are usually graded on a Credit (CR)/No credit (NCR) basis, unless you specifically request a letter grade and the department head or director agrees. A final grade will be recorded on your transcript, whether you pass the course or not, but the grade will not be counted in the UFV GPA. 

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