Psychology may be defined as the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. It is concerned with almost every aspect of our lives. Students will be exposed to a field of study that has assumed an increasingly important role in understanding and addressing social and individual problems. Psychology has developed as both a science and as a profession. Students will be introduced to the various approaches of psychology, including related theories, research, and concepts.

While students will discover that there are no simple answers to such questions as “How should I raise my child?” or “Why do I feel this way?”, they will learn that psychology can help them to appreciate the complexity of such questions and to seek and evaluate useful answers. UFV currently offers a major and an extended minor in psychology as part of its Bachelor of Arts degree program.


Research Credit: Studies are available throughout the term. Check Sona Systems for available study times.

SPA: Keep up to date with the Student Psychology Association by visiting the website here.

Tutoring: Weekly drop-in tutoring is available in our Psychology Resource Room through the Academic Success Centre .  Click here book an appointment.


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