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This page contains information on the undergraduate program and course approval processes, current versions of official forms, guidelines and resources for completing program and course proposals, and links to relevant policies.

For additional information or for assistance, contact Amanda Grimson, UEC Assistant.

Approval Processes

UEC approves the approval processes for new and revised courses and programs, which are contained in the Undergraduate Program and Course Approval Procedures document. This is an appendix to the Undergraduate Program and Course Approval policy (21). This document contains several charts and flowcharts, which are provided seperately for quick reference.

Program and Course Approval Procedures


‌‌Major vs. minor course changes

‌‌Minor course changes flowchart

New courses and major course changes flowchart

Program changes:

Major vs. minor program changes

Minor program changes flowchart

Major program changes flowchart

New programs:

‌‌Concept Paper development flowchart

Full program proposal flowchart


Course forms

New course forms were approved for use in 2014. All courses should now be submitted using a new version of the official course outline form, and should be accompanied by the appropriate memo template. Where applicable, the supplemental texts form and transfer credit form should also accompany the proposal.

If revisions are being made to an exisiting course, a Word version of the current outline should be requested from Amanda Grimson, and all information should be copied into the new form. Changes can then be made using Word's "track changes" feature.

Memo templates:

Memo Template for New Courses

Memo Template for Course Changes


Official Undergraduate Course Outline Form (updated May 2018)

Official Undergraduate Cross-Listed Course Form (updated October 2017)

Supplemental Texts and Resource Materials Form

Transfer Credit Request Form (updated Nov. 6, 2014)


Additional course resources

The first document listed below includes information that will assist you in completing the official course outline form. It also includes a prerequisite style guide, and a number of examples that will assist you in following this guide. If in doubt, contact Amanda Grimson.

Guiding Principles for Quality Curriculum

Course outline and prerequisite guidelines

UFV's guide to developing learning outcomes

Cross-listed courses operating policy


Program forms

Program proposals should include a rationale memo and all relevant attachments, including calendar copy, and the desired implementation date. For an existing program, the current calendar information can be copied into Word and edited using the "track changes" feature. Only relevant sections of the calendar copy need to be included.

New program proposals are more involved than changes to an existing program. The Program Development Office can provide assistance in creating the concept paper and full program proposal for a new program. The template below can be used to develop calendar copy for a new program; only the relevant sections need to be completed.

Memo Template for Program Changes

Calendar copy template (for new programs only; for existing programs, paste calendar copy into Word, then edit)


Additional program resources

Guiding Principles for Quality Curriculum

Procedures for Program Discontinuance and Suspension

Honours Degree Framework

Extended Studies Certificate Framework

Proficiency Certificates in Modern Languages Framework

Student Aid BC program eligibility information

See the Program Development Office website for additional resources


Transfer credit resources

Transfer credit requests submitted to UEC are reviewed by the Transfer Credit Subcommittee.

UEC Transfer Credit Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Guidelines for submission of transfer credit to UEC

UEC transfer credit recommendation form (not for student use)


Relevant policies

Undergraduate Course and Program Approval (21)


Prerequisites and Co-Requisites (84)


Continuance in a Program (92)


Undergraduate Directed Studies, Special Topics & Independent Study Courses (207)

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