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Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies

Learn a trade in high school

Regional Career Programming

Learn a trade at university before you finish high school

Did you know that you can earn your high school diploma at the same time as getting your university certification in one of our Trades programs at the University of the Fraser Valley? And tuition is free for you, because the school district picks up the cost. Other fees may apply.

Graduate with a high school diploma and a level 1 Trades certificate next June and be ready to start a great-paying job in July.

You can choose from the following trades:

Trades with an asterisk (*) are Red Seal certified trades

Complete the required core courses for high school graduation in Grade 11. Enrol in UFV courses full-time in your Grade 12 year. You’ll get dual credit — the courses count at both university and high school — and you’ll complete your Dogwood certificate and a university certificate at the same time.

Here's a sample schedule, but speak to your school counsellor to work out the best plan for you:

Sample schedule
Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
English 10 English 11 Career training at UFV
Math 10 Science 11  
Socials 10 Socials 11  
Science 10 Math 11  
Planning 10 English 12  
P.E. 10 P.E. 11  
Elective Elective  
Elective Elective Grad Transitions

You can take advantage of this program while staying connected to your friends, participating in your sports teams, and attending all the same social functions as you do now.


Talk to your high school counsellor now and apply before March 31 of your Grade 11 year.

Apply early: seats are limited!

How to apply:

Talk to your high school counsellor for information on how to apply.

Note: Career training is offered to academically capable students enrolled in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope high schools.This training is for high school students who are able to complete their required core courses to meet high school graduation requirements in Grade 11 and enroll in UFV courses full-time in their Grade 12 year. Students need to meet UFV entrance requirements for the program, including any necessary entrance testing.

Career Technical Centre

The Career Technical Centre program is a joint project of School District 34 (Abbotsford) and the University of the Fraser Valley. You enter at the Grade 11 level, spend two years in a specialized career or technical program, and when you graduate from high school, you also receive a university-level certificate.

The program prepares you for employment in your chosen field upon graduation. In some programs, you may choose to continue your university education to complete a two-year diploma or four-year degree program at UFV or another post-secondary institution.

Programs include:

Graduate both from high school and university next June, and be ready to start a good paying job in July.


Applications for September are accepted beginning in February. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information contact:

District Career Programs Office
2606 Alliance Street
Abbotsford, BC V2S 3J8
Phone: 604.504.4618
Fax 604-504-4619

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