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Upgrading and University Preparation

B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood)

Complete high school

Adults who did not graduate from high school can complete high school with the BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood). Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses at UFV count toward graduation. Book an appointment with a UUP assistant to figure out which courses you need.

Career expectations

Upgrading your education is your passport to better job prospects.

On average, Canadians with a high school diploma earn 25% more than those without. The average earnings are even higher with a university diploma, certificate or degree.

Those without a high school diploma are more likely to be unemployed, especially during economic downturns. Many employers now specify post-secondary education as a minimum qualification for employment, even if a degree or college diploma exceeds the actual skills requirements of their entry-level jobs.

Entrance requirements

To be eligible for the Adult Dogwood, students must be 18 years or older. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may be used to meet some of the requirements for the Adult Dogwood.

  • A Provincial-level English (ENGL 091) or higher course, and
  • An Advanced-level (MATH 084 or MATH 085) or higher mathematics course, and
  • Three additional courses at the Provincial-level or higher, or
  • Advanced-level Social Sciences and two Provincial-level courses or higher

Students must take one English course and one math course from below:

BC Secondary System courses   UFV Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses

A Language Arts 12 course

OR A 3-credit Provincial Level English course, ENGL 091 or higher

A Math 11 or Math 12 course

OR An Advanced Level math course,
MATH 084, MATH 085, or higher


In addition to the English and math courses above, students must also complete three Adult Basic Education courses OR choose either Option 1 or Option 2 from below:

BC Secondary System courses   UFV Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses

Option 1
Three 4-credit Grade 12-level ministry-authorized courses 


Option 1
Three additional courses at the provincial level or
post-secondary level

Option 2
Choose one (4 credits each):

  • Social Studies 11
  • BC First Nations
    Studies 12
  • Civic Studies 11


  • Two 4-credit Grade 12-level ministry-authorized courses

Option 2
Three courses:

  • One Advanced Level Social Sciences course AND
  • Two Provincial Level or post-secondary courses
Total: 20 credits   Total: 5 courses

To complete the requirements, you may need to take some courses outside of Upgrading and University Preparation, so it is important when planning your program to consult with your UUP assistant.

Note: Courses from the B.C. School System may be counted toward the Adult Graduation Diploma; however, at least three courses must be taken as an adult.

Hayley Westwood headshot

Upgrading through UFV was absolutely the right decision for me. I could get my foot in the door at a wonderful university, and despite having not yet completed high school, I feel like a real university student! The upgrading courses are fun and have a relaxed environment — allowing you to thrive and flourish academically.

  • – Hayley Westwood
  •    Upgrading and University Preparation
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