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Upgrading and University Preparation

Workplace TASK

Prepare to join the workforce

If you are a person with a disability, the eight-month Workplace Training in Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge (TASK) program offers you the opportunity to gain self-management and employment skills and develop career objectives in your chosen field.

In the first semester, you focus on self-discovery, exploration of work, developing work safety skills, and certification in WHMIS, FoodSafe, SuperHost, and First Aid.

During the second semester, you practice employment skills and job search skills. In addition, you gain on-the-job experience while on community-based work placements. Overall, the program will provide the employability, skills, and experience necessary for you to find employment or gain access to further training at UFV or elsewhere.

Full program and course listing

For more details about the TASK program, see the full program's page and course listing.

How to apply

Check our step-by-step guide to apply to TASK.


Jaclyn was working two part-time jobs when she realized she wanted a career change. Her goals were to learn new skills, and to find an enjoyable, full-time job with benefits. To help her meet these goals, she enrolled in UFV’s Workplace Training in Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge (TASK) program.