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Upgrading and University Preparation

Take an assessment

Take the first step and talk to someone at the UUP office

UUP staff can review your educational background and if needed, they can book an assessment at a later date to determine your placement level. Assessments are offered on the Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Hope campuses. You can book your assessment for a later date when you meet with a UUP assistant to discuss your education goals, or you can contact the UUP office by phone or email to discuss available assessment dates.

If you have previous high school courses that you would like considered for course placement, order your transcript to be sent directly to UFV from the BC Ministry of Education, or contact your high school to mail your transcript directly to UFV, Office of the Registrar or request it to be sent electronically directly to


Find out your skill level

The Upgrading and University Preparation department uses a computerized placement assessment called Accuplacer™ to measure reading, writing, and math skills. Completing the assessment helps place you in a course level that is comfortable and meets your skill level.

English Reading Comprehension

The English assessment starts with a reading portion of 20 multiple choice questions.

Read each question carefully before you answer it. The reading assessment is not timed.

Each person doing the assessment will complete a different set of questions as Accuplacer™ questions are based on your answers to previous questions. You cannot skip a question and answer it later, and you cannot go back to change an answer.

English Writing Assessment

After the reading portion, you will be asked to write 300-600 words on a topic given to you by the Accuplacer™ program. You will need to plan, write, review, and edit your writing. Read the assignment carefully before you begin to write.

Your score is NOT based on your opinions but on your ability to express, organize, and support your ideas.

There are two math assessments:

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Elementary Algebra

You will start your math assessment with the 20-question arithmetic assessment. Your arithmetic score will determine if you are ready to take the 20-question elementary algebra assessment.

NOTE: Calculators are not allowed at the math assessment, so be sure to practise without a calculator.

Need practice before taking the assessment?

Check out the resources below to prepare yourself for the assessment.

Accuplacer™ Free Sample Questions for Students
For UFV UUP assessments, see pages 3-11 of the Sample Questions for Students.

Accuplacer™ Website

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Upgrading through UFV was absolutely the right decision for me. I could get my foot in the door at a wonderful university, and despite having not yet completed high school, I feel like a real university student! The upgrading courses are fun and have a relaxed environment — allowing you to thrive and flourish academically.

  • – Hayley Westwood
  •    Upgrading and University Preparation
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