High school grades and transcripts

BC high school

BC high school applicants should submit authorization for the Ministry of Education to provide UFV with your high school records at the time of application.  Please select the option allowing UFV to receive transcript updates for one year to ensure we receive your final high school grades and proof of graduation.

Visit the BC Ministry of Education StudentTranscripts Services website to complete your authorization. 

Official high school transcript guidelines

High school transcripts are required for all applicants.

To be considered official, high school transcripts must:

  • be received electronically from your Ministry of Education
  • have the seal/stamp of the school
  • scanned and emailed or faxed directly from the school, providing the fax or email account is institutional
  • be eligible to be verified online (e.g. WAEC or CBSE)

Current high school applicants are required to submit an interim transcript (see guidelines above), showing the courses you are currently enrolled in and final marks for previous years. Official transcript and proof of graduation is required prior to final admission. Notarized documents are not acceptable.

If you graduated from a high school in another province or country, you should contact the Ministry or Department of Education in that province or country. In some areas, you will have to contact the high school directly.

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