Program-specific fees

The following figures, unless otherwise stated, include tuition and ancillary fees only. The application fee, Health & Dental fee, and semester-based fees must be added. 

Some programs have special fees, which might include equipment packages, uniforms, etc. See department websites for details.

Applied Business Technology

Program Cost: $7,473.14
Program Length: 21 weeks of class + 3 weeks practicum

Note: The full program cost is due upfront.

Co-operative Education fee

The 2019-20 fee for a Co-operative Education work term is $602.94 ($538.32 for Tuition, $53.88 for Ancillary fees and $10.74 for Experiential Learning & Wellness fees), plus the Health & Dental fee and semester-based fees.

Graphic and Digital Design Diploma (2-yr program)

Program Cost: $13,962.60
Program Length: 4 semesters

Health Sciences

Certified Dental Assistant

Program Cost: $6,627.60
Payments over: 3 Semesters

Health Care Assistant

Program Cost: $3,292.56
Payments over: 1 Semester

Practical Nursing

Program Cost: $14,397.38
Payments over: 4 Semesters

Teacher Education Program

Program Cost: $10,995.60
Course Length: 4 semesters

Visit the Teacher Education department website

Workplace TASK

Program Cost: $2,317.32
Program Length: 2 semesters

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