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Academic Integrity

Avoiding misconduct

Avoiding academic misconduct requires carrying out your work with integrity. In general, academic integrity means that the evidence of learning you demonstrate on exams and the work you do on assignments, papers and projects is genuinely yours, and not produced in a fraudulent manner. University learning builds on a foundation of knowledge from other people; learning how to use that knowledge, recognize it correctly, and add your own perspective are the reasons you are here. It can be tricky to figure out, but if you use authenticity as your guiding principle and ask for help when you are uncertain of the best course of action, you can maintain integrity in your academic practice.

Visit the Academic Success Centre's resources page for information and individual assistance in maintaining academic integrity. Below are a few other resources and tips:

Identify academic misconduct

Familiarize yourself with the Student Academic Misconduct policy (70)‌ and the first few pages of the policy's Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures so you are aware of the different types of misconducts and the potential penalties.  

Ask for help

Ask your instructor if you have questions related to working collaboratively, citing and selecting sources, sharing notes, and so on. If you are uncertain if you are violating the Student Academic Misconduct policy (70), seek advice from your instructor. You can also receive further assistance from department or program heads, and the Academic Success Centre.

Get a tutor

Access writing resources or meet with a tutor in UFV’s Academic Success Centre to get help with referencing and citing, while following styles such as APA or MLA.

Research plagiarism resources

Visit the UFV library‌ to research plagiarism resources related to citation style guides, copyright, and finding images.

Manage your stress

Visit UFV's Counselling department to learn effective strategies for studying, managing time, and dealing with stress.

Educate others

Encourage your fellow students in the importance of academic integrity and refer them to the above resources.