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Academic Integrity

Academic standing appeals

If you are accepted into a program at UFV, you are expected to maintain a minimum 2.00 CGPA on all courses. Some programs may have a continuance requirement which is higher than the institutional standard. Failure to meet the minimum CGPA requirements results in restrictions on registration and may eventually lead to being required to withdraw from the university. Academic standing is permanently reflected on your academic record and will appear on your transcript. For a full description of Academic Standing and Undergraduate Continuance, refer to the Academic Calendar.

Under the Undergraduate Continuance (92) and Academic Renewal (224) policies, you have the right to appeal decisions that affect your ability to continue or to be readmitted to UFV. You may request to do the following:

Appeal your Required to Withdraw status

If you have been required to withdraw and seek permission to register in the upcoming term, you may appeal your Required to Withdraw status.

Request renewal of your academic record

If you are a returning undergraduate student who performed poorly in the past, you may request to renew your academic record to eliminate your previous low grade point average (GPA).

Increase your credit restriction

If you are on academic warning or academic probation and need an increase in your 10-credit restriction, may make a request for this through your program advisor.