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Academic Integrity

Promoting academic integrity

UFV is committed to maintaining and promoting instructional excellence and learning. Among the cornerstones of this commitment are academic integrity and a mutual respect for all members of the university community. UFV students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner and will be held responsible for their actions, whether acting alone or in a group.

If you looking for ways to promote academic integrity to your students in the classroom, the following resources are available to you: 

UFV Library resources related to citation style guides, copyright and finding images.

Academic Success Centre worksheets related to the revised UFV definitions of academic misconduct according to pages 1-4 in the Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures. These worksheets make use of the characters introduced in the Guide to Academic Integrity video below.

This website's Avoiding Misconduct page may also be of help as a reference for your students. 



Your Guide to Academic Integrity

Student Support Referral (formerly PASS)

The Student Support Referral (formerly PASS) is an online service that enables instructors to identify and assist those students who are at risk of falling behind. Rather than simply "hoping" that students in difficulty will seek help, instructors are able to refer students for timely and targeted support from Student Services or other departments within the institution. View more details at the link above.

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