Reporting Academic Misconduct

UFV is committed to maintaining and promoting instructional excellence and learning. Among the cornerstones of this commitment are academic integrity and a mutual respect for all members of the university community. UFV students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner and will be held responsible for their actions, whether acting alone or in a group.

If as an instructor you suspect or have evidence of academic misconduct, the first step is to review the Student Academic Conduct Policy (70). The policy describes academic misconduct and outlines the procedural steps in place to address student conduct violations. Refer to the procedures outlined in the Academic Misconduct Flowchart and in the steps below:


Notify the student

Inform the student early on (orally or in writing) that they have been suspected of an academic misconduct. Allow the student an opportunity to respond.

Note: The student should not be accused, convicted and sentenced on the spot. Inform the student that you will consult with the department head.


Send details to department head

Send complaint of academic misconduct to the department head and provide evidence.



The department head investigates to ensure merit and contacts the appeals assistant to check for any prior reported incidents.


Meet for resolution

A resolution meeting occurs between the department head and student. The department head shares evidence provided and allows the student an opportunity to respond. The matter may be resolved with or without penalty. It may be helpful to have department assistant take part in meeting if the student agrees.


Complete and submit form

The department head completes the Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct (Faculty Form), which can be drafted prior to the meeting, and it is signed off by both the student and head. A copy of the signed Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct form is sent to the appeals assistant in the Office of the Registrar.

Note: If the student selects disagree (they do not agree to the claim, evidence and/or penalty), the academic misconduct case is moved from department head to the dean for a hearing. If this occurs, please notify the dean and the appeals assistant.

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