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Academic Integrity

Reporting academic misconduct

If as an instructor you suspect or have evidence of academic misconduct, the first step is to review the Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures
The regulations describe academic misconduct and outlines the procedural steps in place to address student conduct violations.
A quick reference to these steps are outlined in the Student Academic Misconduct Procedures Flowchart.

NOTE: The regulations and procedures changed as of September 2019. The definitions of academic misconduct at UFV have changed and there is now a described faculty-led response to minor cases of plagarism outlined on page 4-5 of regulations and procedures.


Notify the student

Inform the student by UFV student email within 2 days of detecting the alleged misconduct that you susupect a misconduct and that you are investigating further. Also inform your department head or designate of the same.

Faculty can use up to five days to "use any reasonable legal methods in order to determine if there is a Standard of Proof that Academic Misconduct has occurred" (2.5, also outlines reasonable methods). 


Present details to department head

Present results of the investigation to your department head or designate.

If there is sufficient evidence to support a finding of academic misconduct, the instructor alerts the student via UFV student email regarding the nature of the academic misconduct. (2.6.1)

If there is insufficient evidence to support a finding the instructor alerts the student via UFV student email that the investigation is complete and there is no finding of academic misconduct (2.7)


Inquire with Registry

The department head contacts the appeals assistant to check for any prior reported incidents (to determine penalty options) and arranges a Resolution Meeting with the student within 10 days of the reported conclusion of the finding investigation.


Meet for resolution

A resolution meeting occurs between the department head and student. The department head shares evidence provided and allows the student an opportunity to respond. The matter may be resolved with or without penalty. It may be helpful to have the department assistant take part in the meeting if the student agrees. The result of the meeting is documented on the double-sided Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct (double-sided) which the student and department head both sign. A copy of the form is given to the student and the original is sent to the appeals assistant. The department head alerts the instructor of meeting outcome.   

If the student does not respond to email or attend a resolution meeting, the student is deemed to have agreed with the finding and the penalty assigned. The department head completes the Notice, alerts the instructor of meeting outcome, and sends a copy of the Notice to the student via UFV student email and registered mail. The original Notice is sent to the appeals assistant. 


Submit notice to Registry

 A copy of the signed Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct and any supporting documents is sent to the appeals assistant in the Office of the Registrar.

The appeals assistant records the academic misconduct on the registry.

Note: Effective September 2019, the student is responsible for submitting their own appeal of a finding of Academic Misconduct within five days of the resolution meeting (see section 5 of the regulations and procedures and/or page 2 of the Notice of Disciplinary Action).