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Academic Integrity


Late withdrawal appeal

After the withdrawal deadline has passed, if you must withdraw from one or more courses in a given semester due to extenuating circumstances, you may appeal for a late withdrawal, under the Course Withdrawal policy (81). If you are requesting a late withdrawal from a certain course or courses but wish to remain registered in others, you must provide additional information, demonstrating why the extenuating circumstances affected your ability to complete courses differently. Appeals for late withdrawal are considered only after you have completed your documentation, provided detailed reasons, and included supporting documentation.

If you are successful in your appeal, a "W" grade is recorded on your transcript, which is not counted in your UFV grade point average. Appeals for late withdrawal do not include any refund of tuition.

Academic standing appeals (3 available) 

Final grade appeal

As a student you have the right to appeal decisions and practices that affect your academic standing, according to the Final Grade Appeals policy (217) and Final Grade Appeals Procedures. If you disagree with your final grade assigned in a particular course and have grounds for appeal, you may file a formal appeal. Grounds for appealing a final grade include:

  • Alleged failure by the instructor to follow the evaluation profile, grade assignment and operational details as stated in the course syllabus and/or instructions for assignments, examinations, or projects. Students must be notified in writing or electronically of any changes to the distributed course syllabus or to the instructions for individual components;
  • Alleged failure of the instructor to apply the evaluation criteria to the student in a reasonable manner, consistent with other students in the class;
  • Alleged failure by the instructor or departments/divisions to follow approved and relevant university, faculty, department, or school policies and procedures.
  • Alleged failure of the instructor to adequately consider and provide reasonable accommodations in response to documented extenuating circumstances that prevented or delayed a student from completing or submitting one or more components of the course.

Academic misconduct appeal

Revised with the suggestions from faculty and 1100 UFV students this appeal process, effective as of Fall semester 2019, is described in section 5 of the Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures.

After receiving a Notice of Disciplinary Action for Academic Misconduct discussed at a resolution meeting, students may appeal the finding of academic misconduct, any bias or procedural unfairness in the investigation, or the severity of the academic misconduct penalty assigned.