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Amber Johnston

Amber Johnston, MSc

Lab Faculty

Faculty of Health Sciences, Kinesiology

Chilliwack campus at CEP, A3423

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 2464

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Bachelor of Kinesiology (Deans List Graduate), University of the Fraser Valley
Master of Science, Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University/UBC
Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP)
Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC)
Registered Kinesiologist (BACK)

Teaching Philosophy

My overall philosophy as an instructor is to facilitate student’s commitment to enjoy academia by promoting a positive learning environment.It is my goal to give students not only curiosity but the critical skills to participate and continue with career and life long educational pursuits.To achieve this working knowledge there are three fundamental educational principles I strive for daily.

1) Positive Learning Environment: An open and approachable learning environment with clarity, focus and enthusiasm creates a sense of connectionwithin the student. By having open communication, understanding and mutualrespect between all, students are more receptive and commit themselves to learning.

2) Balance and Equality:
 Being open to a diversity of learning styles and individual perspectives provides a balance of opinion, belief and learning. This creates a sense of empowerment where students can articulate ideas and process concepts in a way that is meaningful to them.

3) Challenge and Application: An instructor is not always a giver of knowledge but often a facilitator. It is important to understand that learning strategies differ widely and not all strategies are going to match student’s needs. By conceptualizing learning through a variety of methods students are challenged to apply their knowledge. Challenging a student beyond the classroom walls creates a dynamic learning process.

Teaching Interests

Human Anatomy & Physiology
Therapeutic Exercise
Chronic Disease Management
Health Promotion & Contemporary Health Issues

Other Activities:

Fashion Design/Art
Sports: Hockey, Baseball and Golf


Research Interests

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Telehealth
Chronic Disease Management
Metabolic Risk Factor Management

Community Involvement and Memberships:

Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) – Center for Aging
Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (CACR)
Canadian Association for Atherosclerosis Thromboses and Vascular Biology
Canadian Obesity Network Online
City of Vancouver Hearts@ Work Program
Healthy Heart Society of Vancouver


First Aid Skill and Retention (Zutz, A., Anderson, G.S., Masse, J.) 2007Utilization of the World Wide Web to provide cardiac rehabilitation at a distance.A virtual cardiac rehabilitation program (vCRP). Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. July/August 2006: 26(4)

Cardiovascular Health Best Practice Project(CHBPP) – Wister, Andrew Dr., et al. Utilization of the WWW to deliver Cardiac Rehabilitation at a distance – Zutz, A.  2005., Simon Fraser University – Library Thesis Archives

Evaluation of a fast-track Cardiac Rehabilitation Program after Heart Transplantation A F Kaan, MCN 1*, C Imai, BSN 1, A G Taylor, BSc. Physiotherapy 1, A L Zutz, B.Kin 1 and S Barr 1. 1 Heart Transplant Program, St Paul’s Hospital,

Effects of Angiotensin-Converting-Enzyme Inhibitor, Ramipril, on Cardiovascular Events in High Risk Patients.(H.O.P.E. trial) New England Journal of Medicine Jan 2000 (342): 145-153

Back Pain and Police Officers – Undergraduate Thesis., Zutz, A.L., 2001-2002.


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The kinesiology program has not only exposed me to the theory, but has equipped me with a vast amount of practical knowledge, applications, and tools to use in the future. This program has led me to pursue a career in medicine where I can have a positive impact on other and help them live a healthy life.

  • – P.J. Retief
  •    Kinesiology (Class of 2017)

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