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Mathematics and Statistics

Math Talks

Upcoming Math Club Talks

New Math Club Talks will be announced in the Fall!

Past Math Club Talks

Winter 2015

  • Petra Berenbrink, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Computing Science at SFU) - "Analysis of Randomized Algorithms"

Winter 2014

  • Thomas Levi, Ph.D. (Senior Data Scientist at PlentyOfFish.com) - "Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Data: LDA to Find User Archetypes for Search and Matching"
  • Anna Kuczynska and Judith Larsen (Faculty, UFV Department of Math & Stats and UUP Department) - "Flipping Your Class"

Fall 2013

  • Ben Vanderlei (Faculty, UFV Department of Math & Stats) - "Error Estimates using the Method of Nearby Problems"

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