Learning vs Experience

The terms learning and experience are not synonymous For example, you may have worked for five years in the military, or as a police officer, or owned a small business. However, you will not be given credit based on the length of your experience, or the type of the experience itself. Credit will be given based on your ability to demonstrate what you have learned.

Experiential learning includes:

  • Workplace training and experience
  • Courses taken through on-the-job training or in the community
  • Military service
  • Volunteerism
  • Post-secondary course work that could not be given traditional transfer credit at UFV
  • Self-directed study
  • Travel

Creating a portfolio helped me to better understand myself, my frame of reference as well as further my career.

  • – Dorothy
  •    Child and Youth Care
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I have used parts of my portfolio to demonstrate competencies for job interviews and to explain the benefits of portfolio development to members of my team and organization.

  • – Peter
  •    Adult Education (ADED)
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