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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition


Jean - Adult Education

Challenge Method: Portfolio

"I found the process of developing my portfolio to be draining, though I knew it was an important step for me. Developing a portfolio and challenging courses to obtain academic credit is among the best things I’ve ever done as it has allowed me to see my capacity and realize my capability.

I would recommend portfolio because it will organize your life by differentiating what is important and what is not important.

My original goal was academic credit for the portfolio development course in Adult Education but now that I’ve achieved that goal I also use it as part of my daily life (through presentations, etc). It has helped my life and my career by organizing my life into a variety of “hats” so I can pick and choose evidence and reflection in my portfolio to make presentations that vary depending on the audience."

"When I first heard about RPL I didn’t believe that I could get academic credit for my skills and learning. I have now been able to get 18 PLAR credits which let me complete my program in less time so I can begin my masters program sooner than I had originally planned.

I recommend that students who want direction and help through this process seek the skillful staff and faculty in RPL and around faculties at UFV."