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Student Support Centre

What can I expect from Student Support?
I have questions about receiving Student Support
Info about the SSC for faculty & staff

Are you a student looking for support?

The university experience can be tough for any student. You may be facing an unexpected challenge in your life, feeling overwhelmed, or looking for other support. If these challenges are getting in the way of your wellness or your educational goals, booking a session with a Student Support Coordinator is a great option.

How can the Student Support Centre help?

A Student Support Coordinator will:

  • help you navigate the university system
  • connect you quickly to resources and services at UFV
  • work with you on a plan to support your success (however you define success!)


How to connect with a Student Support Coordinator

The Student Support Centre offers services by appointment only and does not provide drop-in support. To get started, submit a self-referral form.

Submit a self-referral to the Student Support Centre

What are Student Support meetings like?

After you submit the form, a Student Support Coordinator will reach out to you within 2-3 business days (usually by email, sometimes by phone). You will have the option to connect with your coordinator in-person or by video call, phone, or email.

Your privacy

Meetings are completely voluntary and are not connected to your academic record or study permit. Meeting notes are for your ongoing support and are kept in a secure database that is only accessed by the Student Support Team. If you have additional questions or concerns about privacy, please email

Looking for more info about what to expect and how to prepare?

Learn more about the Student Support experience.

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Explore student services at UFV

UFV offers many services, supports, programs, and resources for students. We encourage you to browse through the list to see which ones fit your needs and situation.

Peer Assist

Peer Assist is a group of trained Student Support Peers who can support you with knowledge about campus resources, how to communicate with professors and more.

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