Alumni Success Stories

Stephanie Gorner: Lawyer

I am a lawyer and yoga instructor in Abbotsford, BC. I graduated from UFV with my Bachelor of Arts in English in 2006.

I sort of fell into studying English at UFV. I spent my first year studying sciences and then went away to France for a year to work as an au pair. When I returned to UFV, I knew I didn’t want to study sciences anymore but wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to head in. I decided to look through the course catalogue and just pick the classes that most appealed to me. It didn’t take long to realize that I wanted to study literature—and UFV was a great place to do it. It was wonderful to study at a school with small class sizes, where it was possible to build relationships with professors.

When I went on to law school at University of Victoria, I found the skills I had developed during my time studying English at UFV to be a tremendous benefit. As it turns out, analyzing legislation is not so different from analyzing poetry. The close-reading skills I acquired through my English studies translated easily to reading legislation and case law. In addition, the strong writing skills I developed with the assistance of my professors in the UFV English department gave me an advantage in law school and that has certainly carried through to my career as a lawyer.

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