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Delaney Minor

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration

An unexpected change of plans

Delaney Minor, Business Administration student at UFVWho would not like to study in one of the most vibrant cities in Canada at a world-ranked university?

Delaney Minor had carefully chosen a university in Montreal for its reputation, and she was delighted to receive an acceptance letter to the engineering program.

But the move from a small high school in B.C. to a large university proved harder than expected.

“I struggled with the change in environment,” Delaney says. “I am a small town B.C. girl. I knew everyone in my high school. In contrast, my university lectures could have up to 1,200 students.”

The impersonal, fast-paced environment wore Delaney down. “Over the two years I was there, my academic performance fell,” she confesses. “I no longer enjoyed attending my classes. I was seriously questioning whether I belonged in university at all.”

The agony of defeat

“I was done with school and ready to quit,” Delaney says. Feeling defeated and confused, she came home without finishing her degree.

Faced with what to do next, she decided that her best option was to learn some hands-on skills for quick entry into the workforce. So she enrolled in an accounting program at UFV.

“When I started at UFV, I only planned on staying the bare minimum for an accounting certificate,” she notes.

But within two months, her outlook was renewed. “As I began my new courses,” she recalls, “I found that I truly enjoyed attending lectures. I realized that I actually did like learning. I liked what I was learning and how I was learning.”

Reversal of fortune

In this new, more nurturing environment, Delaney started to thrive. “Everything was more personal at UFV,” she explains, “like how the professors knew my name after the first week. And getting involved was simple.”

Delaney made friends, participated in activities, and became a student ambassador. “I really appreciate the sense of community I feel at UFV,” she says. “I like that the Abbotsford campus isn’t overly spread-out and there is strong student involvement on campus.”

The small class sizes also helped her flourish in her studies. Soon, she switched from the certificate to the Bachelor of Business Administration program.

“UFV was my second start,” she says. ”I am now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance and Accounting, and an Economics minor. I know I want to stay here and learn because this environment is a good fit for me.”

Take the first step

With small class sizes, nurturing environment, and opportunities to gain hands-on experience, the School of Business at UFV prepares you to land an administrative or managerial job with a top company and earn a salary to match.

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