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Indigenous Protocols, Processes & Approved Policy

Guidelines for Receiving Indigenous Donations

This document provides guidelines for departments or individuals who are accepting donations and/or gifts on the behalf of UFV, ensuring that appropriate attention and cultural significance is properly considered.

Process for Receiving Halq’eméylem Translations

This document outlines the process for departments or individuals who seek to use Halq’eméylem in their name and/or signage within the institution to ensure that the language is used used respectfully, properly, and appropriately in accordance with Sto:lo teachings and protocols.

Ceremonial Use of Smoke Procedures

This document defines the procedure for smudging and other ceremonial use of smoke to honor the multicultural characteristics of the student body at UFV and to respect culturally sensitive ceremonies.

Guidelines for Acquiring Indigenous Cultural Heritage

This document provides guidance to ensure that appropriate respect and attention are given to traditional practices and protocols when acquiring Indigenous cultural heritage.

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