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Centre for Experiential and Career Education

Experiential Learning

Why experiential learning?

Experiential learning engages students in curriculum integrated real-life learning experiences, that are intentional and authentic. Through hands-on experiences and focused reflection, students are able to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, hone their technical and soft skills, clarify their values, and use their lived experiences to benefit their peers and community partners. Experiential learning philosophy allows students to engage in deeper learning and become job-ready, well-rounded graduates and responsible and engaged citizens.

Role of community partners

The University of the Fraser Valley is committed to ensuring the continuous growth and quality of Experiential Learning opportunities for our students. Collaborative partnerships with a variety of community organizations, both local and global, allow UFV students to engage in Community Engaged Learning (CEL), course-based micro placements with a community partner, service-learning as well as community-based applied research. University-Community collaboration empowers students' professional growth and job readiness by providing networking and mentorship opportunities, a chance to shadow business leaders, and to welcome prominent community members into a classroom as guest speakers and industry experts.


Black Lives Matter Social Justice ArtFeatured project

Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art

The Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art project has been coordinated by the UFV’s Centre for Experiential and Career Education in collaboration with a group of faculty. The project’s theme reflects the students’ and community’s grassroots support for the Black Lives Matter social justice movement globally. It also demonstrates UFV’s growing commitment to the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and implementing those principles in curriculum and professional development, and community outreach.

The Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art project has been on display in the S'eliyemetaxwtexw Art Gallery on UFV’s Abbotsford campus, since June 12, 2021.

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