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Are you looking for assistance in writing your resume or cover letter? Wondering how to prep for an interview? Look no further! Below are a variety of handouts created to help you with all of your career development needs:

CPA Recruitment Information 

Interested in becoming a CPA after completing your accounting studies here at UFV? See below for a list of resources to help with the CPA recruitment process.

Most students will be recruited in the spring and fall of 2020 for full-time, summer, and co-op positions that start in 2021. See the CPA BC Post-Secondary Recruitment Framework for more details.

CPA BC Resources 

CareerLink Announcements

For more information about upcoming CPA and firm events, please check the news feed on the home page of your CareerLink account.

Accounting Students of the Fraser Valley (ASFV) Resources

If you are an accounting student wanting to get involved in a student association or wanting to get more information about upcoming recruitment events, please visit the ASFV website

Basic Tips and Tricks for Surviving a CPA Recruit:

  1. Network - Attend as many networking events as possible in order to familiarize yourself with the different firms and their recruiters. Create and maintain connections with recruiters.
  2. Be Prepared - Create a resume and cover letter that look professional and represent you well. For help with your resume and cover letter, book an appointment with a Career Coach through CareerLink. 
  3. Look the Part - Dress professionally and be conscious of your body language and posture.
  4. Do Your Research - Ask questions that are not answered in the job description and take the time to research the company beforehand in order to demonstrate your knowledge while speaking with firms.
  5. Have a Goal in Mind - Establish an idea of what type of firm you would like to work for and how you want your career to grow. Your goals and ideas should align with those of the firm you work to add value to the company.

Each firm has its own hiring timeline and practices. Be sure to check the firm’s website for information on their application process/timeline.  

Labour Market Information

Below is a list of resources to gain information on the Canadian labour market trends:

Employment with BC Public Service

For more information about working with the BC Public Service check out their YouTube channel.

If you are interested in a future career with the BC Public Service, speak to one of their Career Advisor's via phone: 1-888-94-IDEAS or email.

Cultural Information

Please visit Canada's Global Affair's office website before travelling or working abroad. The link provides various insights into different countries.

BC Tech Membership

BC Tech is an industry association that is guided by its vision of making BC the best place to grow a tech company. For more than 20 years, BC Tech has been providing opportunities for the tech industry to collaborate, learn, and grow together. They are dedicated to connecting companies and academia, developing talent, sharing stories, and advocating on behalf of the tech community in order to keep their industry thriving.

As a student of the University of the Fraser Valley, you are a part of the membership. This entitles you to the following:

  • Member events
  • Discounts on community events
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
  • Resources on the tech industry including the Aspire to Tech Campaign

BC Tech Student Membership

If you are interested in becoming a BC Tech Student Member, please click here to determine your eligibility. 

To learn more about BC Tech you can visit their website

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