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Brenna Hay

I am in my third year studying for a biology major, psychology extended minor, and pre-medical concentration. The UFV Career Centre has been a great resource, especially as a Co-op student, and I am confident that my improved resume, cover letter, and interview skills will stay with me throughout my professional career. 

‌This past spring I was accepted into the Co-op program and was in search of a Co-op placement for the summer. My Co-op advisor (Theresa) let me know of a biology position with the Government of Canada closing quickly, and I had less than a week to perfect my resume and cover letter. With my advisor's help and editing, I dramatically improved my resume from a bland high-school one to something that better represented a developing scientist and university student. Upon applying, I was quickly offered an interview and was able to practice mock interview questions prior to the interview itself. I was extremely lucky in obtaining a Co-op placement with the first job I applied for! Thanks to this amazing opportunity, I worked over the summer as a research assistant in the Minor Use Pesticide Program at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. I learned applicable field skills, gained additional certifications, experienced the entire process of scientific research from conception and planning to the completed report, and met some amazing friends. I was also offered the opportunity to return again this summer.

Although I hope to continue my education and attend medical school in the future, I believe that my experiences gained during my Co-op placement strengthened my scientific skills and allowed me to develop many of the soft skills that are necessary for the field of healthcare and medicine. UFV's Co-op program is an incredible opportunity for all students to gain relevant work experience and put into practice many of the theoretical skills we learn in university. It helps students build a platform for job-seeking with a high-quality resume and cover letter, and sets students up for future success and potential employment.

Rishab Manocha

I am in my 2nd year of the Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Program at UFV. 

The Career Centre has very talented and helpful people who have provided an abundance of guidance to me during all the stages of obtaining my Co-op placement. They have provided comprehensive feedback on my resumes, including how to customize it for different employers, as well as guidance on how to prepare, perform and dress for an interview. They also have a continuously updated network of job opportunities on their webpage, and overall are a great resource for setting up students for success.

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“The UFV Career Centre has been a great resource, especially as a Co-op student, and I am confident that my improved resume, cover letter, and interview skills will stay with me throughout my professional career.” 

  • – Brenna Hay
  •    Bachelor of Science Student
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