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UFV + George Peary

October 12, 2016

We welcomed back to UFV our 2016 honorary degree recipient Dr. George Peary. From India to Whitehorse, Dr. Peary is well-known as a teacher and a community leader. A former Abbotsford mayor, councilor, and school principal, he has always been active in his community – no matter the geographic location – and innovative in his approach to education. In his early years he taught in Whitehorse, Yukon before moving to Abbotsford and eventually earning the role of vice-principal at Abbotsford Senior Secondary, then principal at Maple Ridge Secondary, W.J.Mouat Secondary, Abbotsford Junior Secondary and Yale Secondary.

UFV + Benjamin O'Keefe

September 15, 2016

University of the Fraser Valley President Mark Evered and The Coast Capital Savings Peer Resource and Leadership Centre at UFV welcomed guest speaker Benjamin O’Keefe.

He survived bullying and recovered from a suicide attempt. He forced major corporations in America to make big changes. Now he is helping others tell their stories.

O’Keefe is a speaker, writer, and activist who advocates for marginalized groups and encourages young people to find their voice and use their story to create change in the world.
He has appeared on Good Morning America, NPR, and the BBC. He is a contributor to the Huffington Post, The LA Times, The Guardian, and many more publications.

UFV + Margo Kane

May 1, 2016

We welcomed back UFV Honorary degree recipient, Margo Kane. Movement and expression have defined Margo Kane for more than 40 years during an accomplished professional performance career. Kane is an Aboriginal storyteller, dancer, singer, animator, video and installation artist, producer, director, writer, and teacher who has been active on the Canadian cultural scene for more than four decades.

UFV + Catherine Hickson

Mar 30, 2016

We welcomed back to UFV our 2015 honorary doctorate recipient Catherine Hickson. Dr. Hickson was an eyewitness to the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens, in the state of Washington a half-day drive from UFV’s Abbotsford campus. This devastating, almost instantaneous destruction of a vast area focused Hickson’s attention on understanding the destructive forces of volcanoes. Dr. Hickson lead an audience of faculty, staff, students, and community members on an exciting exploration of the destructive regions of our planet.

UFV + George Lopez

Mar 9, 2016

Understanding the new peacebuilding in an age of violence and terror

UFV proudly welcomed Dr. George Lopez to the Abbotsford campus. Dr. Lopez is a writer and lecturer who has been a leader in developing the peace studies field for more than 30 years. Many pundits and professional politicians suggest global violence, and especially terrorism, is worse than ever, making lasting peace a fantasy. This presentation challenged both claims to demonstrate that there are new pathways to building peace. Pathways requiring the involvement of ‘average’ citizens more than the actions of pundits or politicians in the fight against violence.

Watch George Lopez' presentation

UFV + Terry O'Reilly

Mar 1, 2016

The Power of Storytelling

We welcomed Terry O'Reilly to a sold-out event on the Abbotsford campus. Terry is an award-winning writer, director, marketer, and radio host. He has worked with such notable actors as Alec Baldwin, Ellen Degeneres, Martin Short, and Drew Carey. Terry taught students, faculty, staff, and guests to UFV how to build stroies and gave them the tools to start using storytelling to boost their business. Listen to Terry's show, Under the Influence, on CBC Radio One.

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