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Chanwahn Kim

Dr. Chanwahn Kim

Visiting Scholar
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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  • 1996-1999 Ph. D. in Political Economy (University of Delhi)
  • 1994-1996 M. Phil. in Political Economy (University of Delhi)
  • 1992-1994 M. A. in Political Science (University of Delhi)
  • 1991-1992 Hindi Advanced Diploma (Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, India)
  • 1984-1991(3Year in Service)
  • B. A. in Hindi (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea)

Research Interests

  • Indian and South Asian Studies
  • Political Economy of India and South Asia
  • Indian Politics and Foreign Policy


  • Kim, Chanwahn, 2000, Ten Years of Economic Reforms in India: Achievements and the Tasks Ahead, Seoul: KIEP(In Korean).
  • Kim, Chanwahn and Moon Chulwoo, 2005, India Shock, Seoul: Maeil Business Publication (In Korean).
  • Kim, Chanwahn, 2006, Economic Liberalization and India's Foreign Policy, Delhi: Kalpaz Publications.
  • Kim, Chanwahn, Im Jungseung, and Son Seoungho, 2011, Evaluation and Prospects of Twenty Years of Indian Economic Reforms, Seoul: KIEP(In Korean).
  • Kim, Chanwahn, Rahman, M. M., and Ara L A, 2014, Economic Impacts of the Proposed Bangladesh- India Free Trade Agreement, Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • Kim, Chan Wahn and Kumar, Rajiv(eds.) 2020, Great Transition in India: Critical Explorations, World Scientific: Singapore.
  • Kim, Chan Wahn and Kim, Misu(eds.) 2021, Great Transition in India: Realities and Challenges, World Scientific: Singapore (To be Published).
  • Co-Authors(12), 2016. Korean translation of the slokas of the Manusmriti, Seoul: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (In Korean).
  • Co-Authors(4), 2017, Going to the North Bay of Bengal, Seoul, Jungdo (In Korean).
  • Co-Authors(10), 2009, Korea’s New Asia Plan and its Cooperation Strategy, Seoul, Community Publication (In Korean).
  • Co-Authors(8), 2009, Korea’s Diplomacy towards Developing Countries, Seoul, Hanul (In Korean).
  • Co-Authors(8), 2009, Southeast-India Relations, Seoul, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (In Korean).
  • Co-Authors(12), 2007. Indian Philosophers, Seoul: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (In Korean).

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