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Fazeeha Azmi

Dr. Fazeeha Azmi

Research Associate
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

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Dr. Fazeeha Azmi is a Research Associate at the South Asian Studies Institute at the University of the Fraser Valley and a Professor at the Department of Geography, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Her current research interest includes, migration and trafficking, youth’s political participation, urban cultural heritage, Asian herbal cosmetic industries, cultural heritage conservation and indigenous knowledge.


Ph.D in Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Geography, Norway.

M.Phil. in Social Change (Development Studies) Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Geography, Norway.

B.A (Hons.) in Geography, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Research Interests

Women and gender

Post war development

Youth and political participation


Livelihood changes

Labour migration


Urban housing

Urban cultural heritage

Identity politics


Books and Book Chapters

  1. Fazeeha, A., Alphonsus, M. and Puvaneswary (2022), On the Move in Search of Greener Pastures:  Unsafe Migration and Human Trafficking in Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantation Sector, ICES, Colombo.
  2. Fazeeha, A., and Lund, R. (2022) Governance orders and women fishers vulnerability and well-being in the land of singing fish.
    In Ratana Chuenpagdee and Svein Jentoft (eds.)  Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.
  3. Fazeeha, A. (2021) Gendered well-being in postwar Sri Lanka. In Searle, B., Pykett,J., and Alfaro, M.J (eds.) A modern guide to well-being. Edward Elgar Publishers.pp.-119-134.
  4. Fazeeha, A. and Lund R. (2020) “Female headship and exclusion from small-scale fishing in Eastern province Sri Lanka”. In Lund, R., Kusakabe, K., Rao, N. and Weeratunge, N (eds.) Fisher folk in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka: Migration, Gender and Well-being. Routledge London. pp.75-91.
  5. Fazeeha, A., (2019) Perceptions of Quality of Life Among Two Different Generations of Women IDPs in Protracted Displacement in Mandalakkuda Camp in Puttalam District, Sri Lanka" in Sinha, B. (ed.) Multidimensional Approach to Quality of Life Issues: A spatial Analysis. Springer Nature, pp 210-229. ISSN 978-981-13-6958-2; DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-6958-2
  6. Fazeeha, A., and Lund, R. (2017). Translating Gender Policies into Practice: Exemplified by research in Sri Lanka. In: Thilakasiri, L. (ed.) Geography in Development: Issues and Perspectives. Stamford Lake (pvt.) Ltd, Colombo, pp 381-399.
  7. Fazeeha, A. (2017). Negotiating Housing in a Heritage City: A Study of Mahayyawa Low Income Settlement in Kandy, Sri Lanka. In: Sengupta, U. and Shaw, A. (eds.) Coming of an Age: Trends and issues of housing in Asian cities. Routledge, London, pp 209-231.
  8. Azmi F., Brun C., Lund R. (2017) Young People’s Recovery in Eastern Sri Lanka: From War to Post-war and Beyond. In: Skelton T., Harker C., Hörschelmann K. (eds) Conflict, Violence and Peace. Geographies of Children and Young People, vol 11. Springer, Singapore. pp 169-186.
  9. Fazeeha, A., Brun, C., and Lund, R. (2016). Between exclusion and political engagement: Conceptualizing young people's everyday politics in the post-war setting of Sri Lanka. In: Kallio K., Mills S., Skelton T. (eds) Politics, Citizenship and Rights. Geographies of Children and Young People. vol 7. Springer, Singapore, pp345-362.
  10. Fazeeha, A. (2015) I Want My Wings Back to Fly in a New Sky: Narratives of Ex- Female LTTE Combatants in Sri Lanka. In: Seema, S. (ed.) Female Combatants in Conflict and Peace. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp 200-215

Journal Articles

  1. Fazeeha, A., and Lund R. (2022) Women adjusting their sails: The role of motility in women’s livelihood strategies in a fishing village in Tamil Nadu, India. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 43(3) 1-16.
  2. Fazeeha, A., (2021) Small scale fishers and transformative potentials of fisheries policies in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka, Vidyodaya Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(1), 156-173.
  3. Fazeeha, , (2020) Brinjals and Drumsticks: Gendered diaspora tourism experience of Sri Lankan origin Tamils in Norway, Modern Sri Lanka Studies, xi (2), 77-97.
  4. Fazeeha, A (2020) Between the sea and the land: small scale fishers and multiple vulnerabilities in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences, 43(1), 7-22.
  5. Fazeeha, A., Lund, R., Rao, N., and Manimohan, R. (2020) Mobility as Mediator of Well-being: Vulnerable Female Heads of Fisher Households and Precarity in South-India. Gender Place and Culture, 27(4).1-22 DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2020.1739003
  6. Fazeeha, A., (2018) Female Heads of the Households Making Livelihoods in Protracted Displacement in Sri Lanka. Journal of Internal Displacement, 8(2), 5-19.
  7. Fazeeha, A. (2015) Changing place attachment and Belonging among IDP women in Mandalakkudha welfare camp in Kalpitiya in the district of Puttalam, Sri Lanka: Implications for durable solutions for IDP issues. Modern Sri Lanka Studies, 4(2), 84-122.
  8. Fazeeha, A. (2013) Rural Livelihood diversification as solution for sustainable rural livelihoods in Sri Lanka: Experience of Mahaweli system H. Parliamentary Research Journal, 1(3), 22-33.
  9. Azmi, F., Brun, C. and Lund, R. (2013) Young People's Everyday Politics in Post-conflict Sri Lanka. Space and Polity, 17 (1), 106-122.
  10. Azmi, F. and Lund, R. (2009) Shifting Geographies of house and home-female migrants making home in Sri Lanka. Journal of Geographical Science, 57. 33-54.

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