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Adult Education

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Minor in Adult Education

A minor in Adult Education provides students in other Bachelor programs a skillset and strategies to engage and empower learners in their own specific academic, workplace, and community educational contexts.

Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education (BA AE)

If you deliver academic, technical, or vocational knowledge, or provide educational or coaching support to adults, the UFV Bachelor in Adult Education can equip you with a full set of strategies and tools to engage your learners and empower them to reach their full potential.

Integrated Learning Design (ILD) associate certificate

Whether you are a working professional or adult education student, UFV's Integrated Learning Design associate certificate is designed to provide you with the skills to create, evaluate, and revise curriculum and learning materials in any industry or setting where the transmission of knowledge is key to growth.

Workplace Education (WE) associate certificate

Build a foundation in adult learning and education principles. The UFV Workplace Education associate certificate is a one-year, four-course credential that seamlessly ladders into the UFV Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education. All four of your courses are required BA AE courses — as you complete the WEC program, the 4 courses also satisfy the BA AE requirement. 

Teaching English as a Second Language certificate (TESL)

Add a UFV Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate to your bachelor's degree to learn how to teach English to non-native speakers and take advantage of exciting teaching opportunities both at home and abroad.

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning certificate (MBTL)

Learn how to teach and implement mindfulness programs using evidence-based practices. Develop highly valued skills for sectors such as health, education, workplace training, social work, and the criminal justice system to create mindfulness programs in your respective profession.

While many are still adapting to online learning, Adult Education at UFV has been leading the way! I’ve taken online courses from other institutions, and UFV’s dedication to technologies made for my best overall online learning experience. The most important thing about my experience at UFV is the feeling that I mattered to the school and my instructors. I wasn’t just a faceless student, even in an online environment. 

  • – Lynn Cartan
  •    Educational Consultant, McMaster University
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