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Adult Education

Capstones: ADED 370 & 470

Capstone courses are required to complete your Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education degree. In these courses, you explore your passions, synthesize your learning, and apply reflective techniques. 

2 capstone courses (ADED 370 & ADED 470) are independent study courses. Registration procedures are different and require extra planning. 

Capstone Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capstone course?

Capstone courses are culminating experiences of your learning that conclude your degree. You will complete three 3 capstone courses near the end of your degree. In these courses you will integrate and apply both theoretical and practical knowledge to real-world educational challenges.

There are 3 capstone courses:

  • ADED 370 Directed Studies
  • ADED 470 Synthesis Project 1
  • ADED 472 Reflective Practice

ADED 370 and ADED 470 are capstone project courses offered as independent studies. 

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What is a capstone project course?

Capstone project courses are offered as independent studies. This means that the course is self-directed with some supervision from a faculty member.  In these courses students design their own courses with a capstone project.

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What is a capstone project?

The capstone project is based on your own adult education topic of interest. Capstone projects can be a research-based, or field-based activity, or a combination of both.

Students decide the topic before registering in the course. Once a topic is chosen, faculty assist with the capstone project process. The project process includes proposal development, course design, identifying learning outcomes and aligning learning activities and assessed tasks. 

ADED 370 and ADED 470 can be taken separately and the topics do not have to relate to one another.

Some examples of previous capstone projects:

  • Creation of a workplace program
  • Creating an information manual for the workplace
  • Creation or redesign of a course, curriculum, or website
  • A research study or literature review
  • A publishable research report or paper
  • An environmental scan as part of a materials or curriculum design process
  • Supervised teaching or administrative activities in a new role as an adult educator, much like a practicum

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When are the capstone project courses offered?

Capstone project courses (ADED 370 and ADED 470) can be offered any semester (with department approval) as Independent Study (IS) courses and scheduled as per student request. Each student must make their request one semester before they wish to register for either ADED 370, ADED 470, or ADED 472.  The reason for advance notice is IS courses have small class sizes and require registration permission. 

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How do I request a capstone project course?

Submit your request to the department at adulted@ufv.ca.

Note that:

  • You must request one semester in advance of course registration.
  • Requests require approval by the Dean and Department Head.
  • You will receive registration instructions after your request is approved.
  • Faculty will contact you after the start of the semester with further instructions. 

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When should I take a capstone course?

Students request these courses when they have nearly completed their degree. You can complete both capstone project courses at the same time, or complete the courses in two separate semesters. Students near completion of the degree should contact the program advisor to be assisted with final requirements. All program requirements must be completed in the winter semester in order to graduate in June of the same year.

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What is the cost for a capstone course?

Each course has a regular tuition fee.

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What are the prerequisites for a capstone project course?

The prerequisites for both courses are ADED 390, ADED 408 and ADED 425 or special permission of the department.  

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While many are still adapting to online learning, Adult Education at UFV has been leading the way! I’ve taken online courses from other institutions, and UFV’s dedication to technologies made for my best overall online learning experience. The most important thing about my experience at UFV is the feeling that I mattered to the school and my instructors. I wasn’t just a faceless student, even in an online environment. 

  • – Lynn Cartan
  •    Educational Consultant, McMaster University
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