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Health and dental

Health and Dental Plan fees are only charged to full-time students and only in September. If you are a full-time student and you do not need these benefits contact the SUS Info Desk for help.
Distance students are no longer allowed to opt out of UPASS or the Campus Connector. The Student Union Society (SUS) will allow opting out for courses which do not have a classroom designated to it. If you register for any of those courses, contact SUS to opt out.
Most BA AE program courses require classrooms for local students who are required to attend the face-to-face sessions so opting out even if you are a distance or “off-campus” student is not available to you.
SUS has made this decision effective summer 2017. Any future inquiries about this matter should go directly to
Deadlines to opt-out:
Fall semester — September 20th
Winter semester — January 30th
Summer semester — May 30th

Textbook and course information

Months before each semester registration starts a schedule of courses and textbooks will be posted.

These textbooks can be purchased through the bookstore’s online system and can be delivered to you. Bookstore textbooks can be found on the Abbotsford campus or UFV online sections.

Library resources

If you are registered in a course, the resources in the library are available to you. Since there are many downloadable options, distance students will be able to access these resources.

Technical support

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Samples of student coursework

Student essay: The role of Adult Education by Leanne Woelke


Since participating in the Adult Education program, I have incorporated many of the skills and concepts into my everyday work. I feel strongly that my involvement in the Adult Education program has enhanced my work, and has given me the critical thinking skills needed to develop new programming and further my career.

  • – Garrison Duke
  •    Director of Employment at Abbotsford Community Services

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