Adult Education

Adult Education

Develop your skills as an adult educator

Gain the skills to deliver academic, technical, or vocational knowledge, or provide educational or coaching support to adults through one of UFV's flexible Adult Education programs

Learn from the experts

UFV has a 20+ year track record in the development of adult education professionals. In fact, UFV is the sole provider of an undergraduate degree in adult education in Western Canada. Learn from expert faculty members recognized for:

  • Developing students' skills in teaching and learning
  • Teaching special outcomes required for higher education
  • Knowing the requirements needed to teach adult learners
  • Instructing in an online environment

Build a flexible schedule with blended online classes

All of your Adult Education courses are offered online, except for a few face-to-face sessions:

  • Face-to-face sessions are scheduled for evenings or Saturdays
  • Distance students participate through video teleconferencing
  • You receive a high level of interaction online, no matter where you are located

Gain a professional network

Join a network of like-minded adult educators and learn alongside professionals from varied backgrounds, including human resources, corporate training, instructional design, counseling, and social services. 

Earn credit for what you know and do

Transfer up to 90 credits of the 120-credit degree program. You can earn transfer credit through former education and Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

Since participating in the Adult Education program, I have incorporated many of the skills and concepts into my everyday work. I feel strongly that my involvement in the Adult Education program has enhanced my work, and has given me the critical thinking skills needed to develop new programming and further my career.

  • – Garrison Duke
  •    Director of Employment at Abbotsford Community Services

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