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Adult Education

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

What is PLAR?

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Recognition) is a process to receive academic credit gained through a variety of learning experiences. Through PLAR you can earn academic credit for what you already know. 

Benefits of PLAR:

  1. Save money; earn up to 18 classes worth of credits for less than the price of 4 classes.
    This may reduce the cost of your program.
  2. Save time; can reduce the time needed to complete your program.
  3. Strategize learning; identify your acquired knowledge skills and knowledge gaps to strategize future learning objectives. This decreases learning duplication. 

For more information click on the Program-based and Course-based sections below, or check out the PLAR FAQ

What is Transfer Credit?

Transfer credit is a process of assessing previously completed coursework from accredited higher education institutions to UFV. Through Transfer Credit, you can get credit for prior education. 

For more information see Taking Courses at Another Institution below.

Want to earn your degree faster? Read the details below.

Do you have extensive work and life experiences? 

If you have evidence of your extensive work and life experiences you may qualify for program-based PLAR. 

Create a portfolio, submit the portfolio for assessment, and you can receive up to 54 credits. These credits can be used towards your Adult Education Degree.  

Examples of eligible learning experiences:

    • Courses that do not qualify for transfer credit
    • Volunteer work
    • Workplace training
    • Conferences
    • Professional development

Submission Process

  1. Complete the ADED 305 course (Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition).
  2. Select an e-portfolio submission date.
  3. Get registration and payment information on your submission date.
  4. Wait for your advisor to contact you with your results.
  5. Results are entered into your student record.

There are two submission dates — April or May. The April submission date is reserved for assessment of portfolios from program students who require PLAR credits in order to graduate that spring.

In extenuating circumstances, you are permitted to defer your PLAR portfolio submission for one calendar year. If an additional deferral date beyond one year is requested, you must audit ADED 305 to restart the process, and submit your portfolio at one of the assessment dates following your completion of the audited ADED 305 course.

More questions? Check out the PLAR FAQ.

Interested in challenging a specific course?

You can request to challenge an individual course. You will need to provide evidence of your knowledge that is directly related to the learning outcomes of a specific course. This evidence may look different for each student or course.

For details see the submission process steps below, check out the PLAR FAQ, or read UFV's Student PLAR Guide.

Submission Process

  1. Review the current course outline and determine if you can provide evidence that you have knowledge of 80% of the learning outcomes.
  2. Contact the department to request a course challenge. 
  3. If approved by the Department Head, you will receive registration information. 
  4. Your assigned Faculty member will provide assessment details and submission information. 
  5. Once submitted and assessed, a credit/no credit grade will appear on your student record.




Have you completed a course or a program elsewhere? 

The courses you completed at other accredited institutions may be eligible for transfer credit. This transfer credit can be used towards your UFV program. 

UFV Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education has Institutional Agreements that recognize credits from other post-secondary institutions. This means you have the option to tailor your degree with additional designations, such as:

Note that agreements change; contact the department for current details.  

Submission Process

To have your course evaluated submit an official transcript. Credits will be assessed and posted to your myUFV account. Learn more about the Transfer Credit process here

Are you a current student wishing to complete a course elsewhere?

You will need to request a Letter of Permission (LOP) before you register for a course at another institution.

An approved Letter of Permission ensures that the course will transfer to your program plan and that you will be accepted by the other institution.

Submission Process

To request a Letter of Permission, submit a request Letter of Permission (PDF download) to  

While many are still adapting to online learning, Adult Education at UFV has been leading the way! I’ve taken online courses from other institutions, and UFV’s dedication to technologies made for my best overall online learning experience. The most important thing about my experience at UFV is the feeling that I mattered to the school and my instructors. I wasn’t just a faceless student, even in an online environment. 

  • – Lynn Cartan
  •    Educational Consultant, McMaster University
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