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Assessment Services

Book an exam

Assessment Services is a supervised testing facility where you can write paper- and computer-based exams. To book an exam with Assessment Services, choose one of the following options:

Note: Three (3) business day's notice is required for every exam booking request.

To book an exam at the Hope Centre campus, please contact Bob Aitken at or call (604) 869-9991.

Prior to writing your exam, please ensure you are familiar with sections 2-5 of UFV's Student Academic Misconduct Policy

On the day of the exam

You must arrive 10-15 minutes before the exam start time to sign in. To minimize disruption, late arrivals will only be admitted at the discretion of Assessment Services staff, with time permitting. Late arrivals will not be accepted after 15 minutes. Late students will not be granted extra time to complete their exam.

You may leave when you are done.

What to bring

  • Photo ID
  • Pen, pencil, and eraser
  • Money for parking
  • Invigilation fee, if required
  • *Any other items that are required and/or allowed for your particular exam (i.e. basic calculator, dictionary, etc.)

*NOTE: Any other items that are required and/or allowed for your particular exam must be communicated in writing to Assessment Services by your instructor/institution. It is your responsility to confirm with your instructor/institution prior to the exam date which (if any) extra materials may be used during the exam.