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Assessment Services

Frequently asked questions

Yes. All exams must be pre-booked using one of our online booking forms.

No. all exams must be pre-booked using our online booking form.

  • If you are a UFV student, you must obtain instructor permission prior to booking (instructors reserve the right to grant exam deferrals).
  • Check the Exam Booking Schedule that applies to your personal situation and pick a first and second choice of dates/times.
  • Book an Exam online. You cannot book over the phone or in person.
  • Exams can be booked by either the instructor or the student.


If you are a UFV student, please book your exam at least three full (3) business days before your requested exam date. This will help to ensure your instructor has enough time to send the exam materials to Assessment Services. If you are writing from another institution, please book at least two (2) weeks before your requested exam date to allow adequate time for your institution to mail your exam to us.

Assessment Services requires 24 hours’ notice for all booking cancellations.

UFV students: Exams may be cancelled or rescheduled, however, once an exam time has been booked Assessment Services requires instructor permission prior to making any changes to the booking (including rescheduling).

  • UFV exams are proctored at no cost.
  • Students writing exams from other institutions (non-UFV exams) will be charged $60 for up to three (3) hours and $10 for every hour or portion thereof after.
  • Typing tests are $25 and students will be given a printed certificate with the recorded net words per minute.
  • Earplugs are available to purchase for 25 cents.

Yes, regular fees apply. Fees are based on the exam you are writing, not on your status as a UFV student. All non-UFV exams are subject to invigilation fees.

Abbotsford: cash, cheque, debit, and credit cards accepted
Chilliwack (CEP): debit or credit only. 

If you are not responsible to cover invigilation fees, Assessment Services can invoice your institution. Contact your institution to find out if you are responsible for covering invigilation fees.

  • You MUST bring photo ID. Either your student card or government issued (passport, driver’s license, BCID, status card, military ID, etc.).
  • Money for parking and invigilation fees (if applicable).
  • Any required exam materials (if you’re unsure, check with your instructor/institution and bring confirmation in writing).

Please note: If you are permitted to use a cheat sheet, it will be sent back to your instructor with your exam (unless otherwise specified by your instructor).

No. All personal belongings (including cellphones, smart watches, bags, etc.) are not permitted in the exam room. Personal belongings are to be locked up in one of the lockers provided, or left in your car. Assessment Services has limited storage space, and we ask that you limit the personal belongings that you bring with you.
Note: If you are found with a cellphone or any unauthorized materials in the exam room, this can be construed as cheating. Items will be removed from the exam room immediately and an incident report will be filed and sent to your instructor/institution.

No food is allowed in the test centre as the noise and smell can distract others. Only drinks with lids are permitted.

Please note: Some institutions do not permit any additional items on the table during the exam (including drinks). Should this be the case, Assessment Services is required to observe these rules.

All seating is assigned by Assessment Services staff.

Unless your exam specifies otherwise, you may take one 2-3 minute washroom break which will be recorded on your exam. You are not permitted to interact with anyone outside of the test centre, as that may be construed as cheating. Assessment Services reserves the right to escort you to the washroom to ensure the integrity of the exam is not compromised.

Assessment Services no longer has a private room available. If you are a UFV student requiring special accommodations because of a disability, please contact the Centre for Accessibility Services.

UFV exams are sent via interoffice mail unless otherwise requested. Usually, instructors will receive your exam within one (1) – three (3) business days.

The CPT is used to assess writing and grammar skills. The CPT may be used in place of English 12 as a prerequisite for many UFV courses and programs. 

2 hours and 30 minutes.


Within the first two weeks of each month, there are two test sessions at the Abbotsford campus and two test sessions at the Chilliwack CEP campus. For specific dates, visit the Composition Placement Test schedule.

Call or visit the Office of the Registrar to register for the CPT.

Depending on which test location you choose, the CPT will be at the Abbotsford campus, building S, room 3125 or at the Chilliwack (CEP) campus, building A, room 1351.

Most courses and programs require at least a score of 48 on the CPT to meet the English language requirement. However, depending on your chosen program, the score required may be lower than 48. Contact your program advisor for more information.

By the end of the month in which the CPT was written. Results will be mailed to you, and will be available to view through your MyUFV account.

No. All CPT’s are confidential and are securely stored after they are written.

You might be eligible to re-write the CPT once more in the same semester based on your previous score—contact your program advisor or Assessment Services for more information.

Mailed to you will be an interpretation guide for your CPT score. Depending on your score, you will either meet the English prerequisite for your chosen program, or you may need to upgrade your English. If you have questions, and/or would like to discuss your next steps, contact your program advisor.

$50. You are also responsible for any fees your proctor may charge.

The CPT may be written with a proctor of your choosing. The proctor MUST be a professional institution, teacher, etc. The proctor MUST NOT be a friend or relative.

You must provide a pre-paid envelope to your proctor. Your proctor is responsible for mailing your CPT back to Assessment Services in the pre-paid envelope you provide. 

Contact our office for specific instructions:
Send an email (preferred) to or call 604-504-7441 ext. 4006 (toll free: 1-888-504-7441 ext. 4006).


No, these placement tests may only be written once. If your score does not meet the minimum required for your program, you will need to upgrade your math skills with the Upgrading and University Preparation (UUP) department.

38 questions.

50 questions. The MSAT is split into two multiple choice parts (part A and part B): 25 questions each, 50 in total. You do not have to write both parts of the MSAT, but you will qualify for less courses if you do not attempt part B.

The MDPT covers topics of BC Math 12 in algebra, functions, equations and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometry.

The MSAT covers arithmetic, algebra, numeracy, basic problem-solving skills, functions, graphing, exponents, and logarithms.

No calculators are allowed. However, scrap paper is provided by Assessment Services.

Contact the Math and Stats Centre for resources and advice.