Miriam Huxley

My time at UFV was long, involved many changes of plan, led me to take every Creative Writing course available, and ultimately helped me to realize what I wanted to do with my degree. I wouldn’t be where I am now (starting an MFA after finishing an MSc) if I hadn’t taken a long and circuitous route at UFV.

Finishing a Bachelor of Arts, and especially Honours, has given me the skills necessary to make it through grad school. The real truth is this: a master’s degree is hard. I have to self-motivate because independent study is my life, but I can, and do, because I made it through Honours. 

I study theory and thank the literary gods, I was required to take English 364. I sit in workshop class and know that all of my Creative Writing classes gave me the ability to provide constructive criticism.

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The close-reading skills I acquired through my English studies translated easily to reading legislation and case law. In addition, the strong writing skills I developed with the assistance of my professors in the UFV English department gave me an advantage in law school and that has certainly carried through to my career as a lawyer.

  • – Stephanie Gorner
  •    UFV English grad
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