School of Land Use and Environmental Change

School of Land Use and Environmental Change

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If you’re interested in real-world issues, such as food security, climate change, economic trade, land use, global development, and sustainability, UFV School of Land Use and Environmental Change has a program for you.

The School of Land Use and Environmental Change deals directly with the study, science, and management of the natural environment and its resources, and the study of the built environment and its impact on natural and human landscapes.

The earliest geographers were concerned with understanding space and territory and in exploring and mapping their own regions and foreign lands. Geographers today use a spatial lens and spatial techniques to understand and tackle questions such as poverty and uneven development, the science and risks associated with changing climate and diminished resources, and the need to cultivate an ethic and duty of environmental and global citizenship.

Studying geography at UFV is excellent preparation for a career where you can make a positive impact on the world. Many UFV Geography grads have used their training to work in urban planning, land management, environmental consulting, policy research, and community development, both with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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