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Food and Agriculture Institute

Food and Agriculture Institute

Innovating the future of food across Canada
Food systems sustainability and challenges

Farmland is a renewable resource that feeds generation upon generation if treated with care. Sustaining this resource is critical if we are to feed a growing world, and with fourteen percent of the Earth’s land surface already producing crops and twenty-five percent in forage, every hectare counts. Here in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, hundreds of crops are grown on some of the world’s most productive farms. Abbotsford is Canada’s most economically productive farm community, adding close to a billion dollars in farm sales each year to the economy.

The Food and Agriculture Institute (FAI) at the University of the Fraser Valley is an interdisciplinary research centre that focuses on issues, challenges, and sustainability solutions related to food and farm systems. FAI partners with a diversity of researchers, industry leaders, and governments to build knowledge and tools for moving toward sustainable, resilient food systems for communities and regions in British Columbia, Canada, and across the globe.

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