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A Flood of Stories

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A Flood of Stories, and Dress for Your Rights!

A Flood Stories (previously the Flood Stories project) is led by Dr. Michelle Superle, Associate Professor of English at UFV and Faculty Associate of the Food and Agriculture Institute. A Flood of Stories project engaged farmers in the Fraser Valley who were affected by the November 2021 extreme flooding events, inviting them and their families to share their experiences in spoken, written, and artistic format. The project used a narrative approach (developed in consultation with narrative therapy expert, Dr. Stephen Madigan) to better understand how Abbotsford farmers have been affected by floods and what they need to begin thriving again.

The results from this work aimed to inform recommendations, which government (at different levels), community associations, non-profits, and academic institutions can adopt to better support Abbotsford farmers. The project also aimed to highlight and raise public awareness around the importance of local farmers, the challenges they experience, and the supports that would help them thrive. The specific objectives for this project are below.

Flood Stories 2, photo by Robert Newell

A Flood of Stories Project Objectives

To provide a platform for Abbotsford farmers affected by the flooding to share their experiences

To enrich public understanding of farmers’ experiences of the natural disaster and its consequences

To celebrate Abbotsford farmers’ contributions to local food security

To help support farmers as they strive to make their homes and farms viable again 

To engage UFV community members and Abbotsford school children in artistic celebrations of Abbotsford farmers’ contributions to food security 

To provide opportunities for processing experiences of this natural disaster


Dr. Michelle Superle discusses the Flood Stories on Global News.

Dr. Superle is the Founder and Creative Director of The 20 Harvest Challenge, a series of three interconnected initiatives: A Flood of Stories; Dig for Your Rights!; and Dress for Your Rights! programs. The core goal of the 20 Harvest Challenge is to improve sustainability and regional food security in BC.

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Dr. Michelle Superle is also a contributing author in Edible Magazine.
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