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Food and Agriculture Institute

Incubator and Accelerator

Understanding Agritech Incubator and Accelerator Best Practices

Supported by the Abbotsford Tech District, a proposed research and commercialization innovation hub to be established in the Fraser Valley, this project will provide two outcomes. One, to prepare a report on the best practices and recommendations for building an agritech incubator/accelerator hub in British Columbia. Two, prepare academic journal articles detailing the successes and challenges associated with incubators/accelerators, and the potential societal impacts of widespread development of programs that specifically focus on spurring growth in agricultural technology and innovation.


Newell, R., Newman, L., & Mendly-Zambo, Z. (2021). The role of incubators and accelerators in the fourth agricultural revolution: A case study of CanadaAgriculture, 11, 1066.

Newell, R., Newman, L., Mendly-Zambo, Z., Newman, K., & White, C. (2021). Incubators, accelerators, and agricultural technology and innovation. In CityAge: Building Agritech Clusters, Online. June 3rd, 2021.


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