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Food and Agriculture Institute

World Water Journeys

World Water Journey Project

Image of Delta waterway

Delta, BC. Photo credit: Margetson, M, 2020

This project is a multi-dimensional knowledge mobilization platform with local, regional, and global collaboration nexus connecting academic, industrial, policymaker, and innovators across water and climate change sectors together simultaneously embedding knowledge within communities, history, and culture. Included within the platform are multi-media visual engagements that reveals diverse resources and perspectives to create a rich scientific, technical, social, cultural, historical water learning journey. Building on its foundational principles, the World Water Journey is an empowering platform that calls upon youth, community members, Indigenous cultural educators, water practitioners, citizens, artists, and scientists to share knowledge to curate this collaboration-igniting journey. Generated from Waterlution program harvesting, research projects, artist commissions, competitions, calls for collaboration and problem-solving, media creations, resource guest knowledge sharing, and community-based voices and partners, the platform will re-imagine ways to learn, collaborate, and create water security solutions for the world.

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