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Food and Agriculture Institute

FAI Connections

FAI partners with a diversity of researchers, industry leaders, and governments to build knowledge and tools for moving toward sustainable, resilient food systems for communities and regions in British Columbia, Canada, and across the globe.




Founded in 2003 Waterlution is a federally registered Canadian non-profit – has successfully established itself as an internationally recognized water-focused organization offering distinctive capacity building, leadership and facilitation training while engaging communities through place-based workshops and activities that together evolve our collective relationship to, understanding of, and innovative responses toward, solving complex water challenges.‌

Learn more about Waterlution here


Ontario Genomics

Ontario Genomics

Established in 2000, Ontario Genomics (OG) is a not-for-profit organization leading the application of genomics*-based solutions to drive economic growth, improved quality of life and global leadership for Ontario. We work across three economic sectors – Human Health, Agriculture and Food, and Industrial Biotech. We connect scientists, ideas, and partner organizations for collaborative investment opportunities to collectively achieve our vision of healthy lives, a healthy economy, and a healthy planet through genomics innovations.

Ontario Genomics is leading the National Engineering Biology Strategic Network, Can-DESyNe, which proposes a roadmap to capitalize on a cross-sectoral and innovative platform technology to ensure Canada’s competitiveness as we enter the global “bio-revolution”. Ontario Genomics, together with federally funded Genome Canada and five provincially based, independent Genome Centres, forms the Canadian Genome Enterprise. OG is funded by the Ontario and federal governments.

* “Genomics” encompasses related disciplines, including proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, and engineering biology. 

Learn more about Ontario Genomics here


BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network (ACARN)

BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network (ACARN)

The British Columbia (BC) Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network (ACARN) was launched in May of 2017 to improve linkages and collaboration among agricultural researchers, industry specialists, policy-makers, students, and producers from across the province. The aim of this collaboration is to develop an effective network approach to address climate adaptation research needs in the BC agriculture industry by enhancing provincial research, promoting interdisciplinary projects, and improving the efficient use of climate adaptation resources. The network also works closely with the BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative to enhance research extension strategies in the province.

Learn more about ACARN here


New Harvest

New Harvest

New Harvest is a nonprofit research institute that supports open, public cultured meat research. Founded in 2004, we are the world’s longest-running organization dedicated to advancing the field of cellular agriculture. New Harvest supports groundbreaking research reinventing the way we make animal products—without animals. If cellular agriculture is a new city, our activities are the critical infrastructure projects: the pipelines for talent development, the bridges between stakeholders, and the roads to new discoveries.

Learn more about New Harvest here



BC Agricultural Research & Development Corporation (ARDCorp)

ARDCorp leads innovation and delivers resources to improve the Iong-term profitability of BC farmers and ranchers with the vision to grow BC into the most dynamic and robust agricultural province in Canada. ARDCorp is the wholly-owned subsidiary of the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC). Working with BCAC and provincial government, ARDCorp delivers effective, affordable programs and services that advance both the individual producer and entire agriculture sector while benefiting local communities. ARDCorp provides funding and assistance for a variety of producer-focused programs for which eligible BC farmers and ranchers are free to apply. Through combined knowledge and resources, ARDCorp and BCAC are working together to improve the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of BC agriculture.

Learn more about ARDCorp here


Nutriva Group

Nutriva Group

Nutriva originates from the words – Nutrition and Innovation. Nutriva Group first came together in 2009, bringing together business units in the feed, farm, and food sectors. As a parent company, Nutriva Group provides systems, training, and support to all its business units by using a proprietary playbook framework focusing on strategy, operations, people, and finance. We believe that the entrepreneurial nature of our group is a catalyst for change and growth.

Learn more about Nutriva Group here


Cubic Farms Systems Corporation

CubicFarms Systems Corporation

CubicFarms provide unique automated on-site commercial-scale food and livestock feed technologies. CubicFarms technologies convert wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains that profit and protect our people, planet, and economy. CubicFarms technologies provide independent and efficient fresh produce and livestock feed supply for every city, community, government, and country 365 days a year.

Learn more about CubicFarms Systems Corporation here


BioPod Initiative

The BioPod Initiative

The BioPod Initiative is a unique partnership between the University of the Fraser Valley, the City of Surrey, and the John Volken Academy formed to stimulate agri-tech development, provide opportunities for careers in agriculture, and strengthen the local food system. This project won a Leadership and Innovation in Agriculture award from the BC Union of Municipalities and was funded by both provincial and federal governments through the Investment Agriculture Foundation.

Learn more about the BioPod Initiative here


The B.C. Agriculture and Seafood Research, Education and Extension (BCASREE) Network

The B.C. Agriculture and Seafood Research, Education and Extension (BCASREE) Network

BCASREE is a consortium of post-secondary education institutions, governments, and industry associations formed to collaborate on the research and development, education, and knowledge-transfer needs of the agri-food sector. By working together in collaboration, the network has the mandate, expertise, and partnerships to support a transformational vision for the agricultural industry in the Fraser Valley and beyond.

Learn more about the BCASREE here 


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