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Mathematics and Statistics

Prerequisites and upgrading

Qualifying for Entry into Math and Stats Courses

Where to Find Prerequisites?

You can find the prerequisites listed for your course in the course descriptions. Visit the links below to view all Math & Stats course descriptions.

Why are Prerequisites Important?

Our prerequisites are based on years of experience. They serve two purposes: one is to ensure that each student has the best chance of success in a course. Students who have the prerequisites for a course have, in our experience, a reasonable chance of succeeding in that course. Students who have not achieved the stated level of proficiency in a required course nearly always end up dropping the course or earning "No Credit".

The other purpose is to maintain the integrity of the course itself -- most of our courses transfer to other institutions throughout the province, which means that students who earn credit for a given course at UFV are expected to exhibit a certain level of proficiency in the appropriate area. When there is a group of students lacking prerequisites in a class, the whole class gets slowed down to the point where either the range of topics is not covered or some topics are not covered in the appropriate depth. Thus the entire class is penalized and future courses they may take are jeopardized.

Assessment Tests

Placement tests determine skill level and help place students in UFV courses and programs that match their abilities and needs. 

There are two placement tests to assist with entrance into Math and Stats courses.


Another way to meet the prerequisites is to take an upgrading course through the Upgrading and University Preparation (UUP) Department.

Course Challenge Policy

Some UFV courses may be challenged for credit. This means that a student who can demonstrate mastery of course objectives may be granted credit without taking the course.

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