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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition


Donna - Child & Youth Care

Challenge Method: Portfolio

"Being able to complete a portfolio that met the academic requirements of a Child and Youth Care practicum allowed me to be able to apply all of my previous 20 years of work experience and demonstrate that the required competencies had been acquired. The organization of the material collected during this time, validated my personal experiences and knowledge of working with young children and families.

The process of creating a portfolio involved a lot of research and thought. Initially, it seemed overwhelming. I soon developed a system and took each of the cluster skills (Clinical skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Self-Reflecting Skills, Professional Skills and Contextual Skills) and defined what each meant. I then made a list of indicators that would fit into each of the categories. As I collected the work samples education/workshop certificates I made a note of which competencies they would be indicators for. In many cases the collected information pertained to more than one skill cluster.

I have had the opportunity to share my binder with my family and friends. It makes a wonderful journal of what I have done over the years. Although I have not used it in my professional work place, I do continue to add information to it."