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Prince Edward Island

Out-of-province equivalents to BC

Prince Edward Island high school equivalencies

BC high school graduation = Prince Edward Island secondary school (grade 12) graduation

SubjectBCPrince Edward Island
Communications 12 COM12 English 631 A
English 10 EN10 n/a
English 11 EN11 English 521A
English 12 EN12 English 621A
English Literature 12 LIT12 Advanced English 611
English 12 First Peoples EFP12 n/a
Apprentice/Workplace Math 10 AMW10 Math 431A Apprentice and
Workplace Math 10
Apprentice/Workplace Math 11 AMW11 Math 531A Apprentice and
Workplace Math 11
Apprentice/Workplace Math 12 AMA12 Math 631A Apprentice and Workplace Math 12
Foundations Math/Pre-Calc 10 FMP10 Math 421A - Foundations of Math & Prec-Calculus 10
Foundations of Mathematics 11 FOM11 Math 521A -Foundations of Math 11
Foundations of Mathematics 12 FOM12 Math 621A -Foundations of Math 12
Pre-Calculus 11 PREC11 Math 521B Pre-Calculus Math 11
Pre-Calculus 12 PREC12 Math 621B Pre=Calculus Math 12
Calculus 12 CALC12 n/a
Biology 11 BI11 Biology 521A
Biology 12 BI12 Biology 621A
Chemistry 11 CH11 Chemistry 521A or
Advanced Chemistry 511A
Chemistry 12 CH12 Chemistry 621A or
Advanced Chemistry 611A
Physics 11 PH11 Physics 521A
Physics 12 PH12 Physics 621A
Physical Education    
Physical Education 11 PE11 n/a
Physical Education 12 PE12 Leadership 621A
Approved grade 12 courses    
Comparative Civilizations 12 CCN12 n/a
Economics 12 EC12

Economics 621A

First Nations Studies 12 FNS12 n/a
French 12 FR12  French 621A or 621F
German 12 GE12 n/a
Geography 12 GEO12 Geography 621A & 631A
Geology 12 GEOL12 n/a
History 12 HI12 History 621A or 621B
Japanese 12 JA12 n/a
Law 12 LAW12  n/a
Mandarin Chinese 12 MAN12 n/a
Punjabi 12 PUN12 n/a
Spanish 12 SP12 n/a
Social Justice 12 SJ12 n/a
Sustainable Resources 12 SR12 Environmental Science 621A