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Campus Recreation

Walk or run routes

Get your steps at UFV

Increase your daily activity and meet your personal health goals by exploring 6 wellness walking routes on the Abbotsford campus. 

Distances are colour coded and measured in kilometers. For instance, 8 km = 5 miles = 10,000 steps (1 km = 1300 steps for the average person based on slightly less than 1 meter per step).

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Brown = Library loop = 0.8 km or 1040 steps

Green= Go green loop = 1.28 km or 1664 steps

Blue= Cascades loop = 1.87 km or 2431 steps

Red= Ring road loop = 2.56 km or 3328 steps

Yellow= Baker view loop = 3.26 km or 4238 steps

Purple = Border loop = 5.68 km or 7384 steps

See wellness routes map‌ or use google maps to follow the routes.