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Campus Recreation

About us

UFV Campus Recreation is a division of the Athletics and Campus Recreation department.

We are committed to enhancing the educational experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni in promoting lifelong wellness through excellent recreation programs, services and facilities. We help in motivating the UFV community to participate in being active and physically fit. We depend on the assistance of volunteer and work-study students, personal trainers and fitness instructors to make our programs run. Learn more about opening hours and closure dates for our facilities.

The majority of our facilities are located at the Abbotsford campus in Building E which, is shared with the Cascades Athletics varsity programs and various external and internal renters but, we do offer some fitness and recreation offerings on the Chilliwack campus in partnership with UFV Student Union Society.

Facility Updates

Current Hours - 8:00am - 5:00pm (Monday-Thur) / 8:00am - 3:00pm (Friday) access for all UFV Students, Staff & Faculty and Alumni. This includes access to The Summit (our Fitness Center) and Drop-In Basketball if the gym space is available. Effective - April 1, 2022


Building E, Client Services: E150
1395 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford BC, V2S 7N6
Phone: 604-557-4041
Email: or


Buildings Q & R
45173 Petawawa Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2R 3J9
Phone: 604-847-5474

Abbotsford facility map

UFV Emergency Procedure Guide (Abbotsford, Building E - EAP)

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