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Electronics Certificate

How to apply

How to apply in four easy steps


Read program information carefully

Review the program information carefully.

If you need more information or are unclear about requirements, visit the UFV Calendar.

Would like some advice? Phone 604-847-5448, email or ask your question online.


Apply and pay the application fee

You can apply online. An application fee applies.

Be sure to select the program's name, found under the Trades dropdown on the online application.

Applicants currently in Grade 12 may apply during their Grade 12 year.


Submit proof of graduation

You will not be considered for the program until you have submitted proof that you have graduated and meet the entrance requirements.

If you are in Grade 12 at the time of your application, you may submit your interim grades to show that you will graduate in June.

Math requirement

You must have one of the following with a C+ or better:

  1. Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10
  2. Foundations of Mathematics 10
  3. Applications of Mathematics 10
  4. Principles of Mathematics 10
  5. Pre-Calculus 10
  6. MATH 085

Didn’t graduate from high school?

If you have not graduated, but think you have the equivalent of courses or acceptable technical background, contact the instructor at 604-847-5429 to make an appointment for an orientation and assessment to determine if you can be admitted.


Wait for the next intake in which there is space

After you have submitted proof of graduation or interim grades, we enter your name on a waitlist for the program’s next start date. 

Starting in late spring, we offer seats to the first 20 students on the waitlist. That is why you should book your exam and provide your documents as soon as you can.

Before classes start, we will call you to notify you of registration procedures. If we cannot reach you after three attempts, your seat will go to the next applicant on the list.

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